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💻 Unleash your infinite potential @osvllc🎙 Host a show @Chiwi Journal Podcast📝 Write content @Chiwi Journal Newsletter✍🏻 Translated Jordan Peterson and Derek Sivers books into Chinese📚 Created stories: The Invisible Third Culture Adult and A Mosaic of Musings💼 Ex journalist and corporate marketing & communications consultant🌊 Flowist, lifelong learner, and digital nomad🗺️ Google Local Guide Level 8💕 Camellia Yang User Manual🀄️ 中文播客理想屯🗞️ 订阅小报童㊙️ 加入付费中文社群📍 Made in China | Assembled in New Zealand | Delivered in the UK | Unpacked in Portugal now


Life is an ever-changing adventure, and I'm on a continuous journey of growth and transformation.In marketing and communication consulting, I specialise in helping businesses of all sizes create compelling content and build meaningful connections with their audiences. This work allows me to thrive by combining creativity and strategy to make a positive impact.At the same time, I am driven by a deep curiosity and passion for spirituality and philosophy. This passion has led me to explore various religions, meditation practices, and sacred plants, setting me on a path of self-discovery.My relentless pursuit of knowledge and my intuition guide me as I explore the mysteries of existence, striving to uncover ultimate truths.This is the story of my life—an ongoing search for wisdom and enlightenment.

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Weibo followers: 190,000+
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A decade of expertise in journalism and corporate marketing/communications across the tourism, finance, sports, technology, and media sectors.

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Invited by the following organizations and companies as a guest speaker:
- The University of Auckland
- New Zealand Business Women Network
- Air New Zealand
- 1729 Writers Group
- London Book Clubs
Engaged as a Commercial Model & Performer in various projects including:
- Auckland Mayor Election campaign
- Provincial drama/choir performances in China
- Roles as extras in American/British TV shows and movies
- Hosting live-stream events

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* Born in Jinan, Shandong Province, China* Awarded as a Merit Student (三好学生) throughout the primary school while practising drawing, singing, stage performance, and calligraphy* Published my first short story "The Ghost at the Attic" 《阁楼幽灵》in sixth grade* Created my first blog on MySpace* Took the National College Entrance Examination with more than 10 million students and been accepted by Shandong University of Finance and Economics and acted as a Head of Media at the university's Students Association* Obtained the Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and International Business in China* Moved to Auckland, New Zealand, and obtained a second Bachelor of Arts degree and Postgraduate Diploma in International Communications from Unitec* Started a career as a journalist at* Worked at Air New Zealand as a social media specialist and worked at Westpac New Zealand as a digital communications manager while living in New Zealand* Founded Y Media as a content marketing agency; created a podcast channel Chiwi Journal and a WeChat Blog 理想屯* Moved to London, England, published books, Chiwi Journal Vol.1 《你们不知道的新西兰》 and Chiwi Journal Vol.2 《你们不知道的英国》* Published my first English novel The Invisible Third Culture Adult during lockdown; launched A Paradise of Poems to read poems in English and Chinese* Remote working with clients from three continents while living in England, Latvia, USA and Portugal as a digital nomad* Published a book A Mosaic of Musings: Collections of Poems, Proses, and Short Stories while living in Portugal* Had San Pedro and Ayahuasca ceremonies during my time living in Europe and studied and practised Buddhist Sutra


On average, I read about 10 hours a week since I was five years old. Some weeks more, some weeks less.The authors of books become my virtual friends and mentors because I can always absorb their words and turn them into my knowledge.I read between 50-100 books every year and summarise the Top 10 books to my friends and family members.

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